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Adobe: the future of Magento

December 21, 2021
Adobe: the future of Magento
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Over the past 12 months, we've seen Ecommerce become the dominant channel for successful business. That's because consumers and business buyers are turning to digital experiences like never before.

We are approaching the third anniversary of Adobe's acquisition of Magento Commerce. The company has made tremendous progress in accelerating its product roadmap, leveraging Adobe's incredible scale to serve more customers and in every industry. After integrating the sales, marketing and product teams within the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit and the expertise of partners and developers, the next step is to unify the two brands under one big one.

So, now you are considering the transition from Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud to the single brand of Adobe Commerce. Magento Open Source branding and support remains unchanged. Adobe continues to support the Magento Association to enable the global Magento community to come together, learn, share and collaborate on commerce challenges.

The market focus and product priorities for Adobe Commerce, provided by Magento, are aligned to help customers along the full range of their commerce journey.

However, Magento continues to pursue its vision of providing advanced multichannel commerce, deeply integrated with best-in-class experience and marketing capabilities, to deliver highly differentiated touch points to customers across all industries. Magento's investments in flexibility, scalability, security and intelligence are designed for all merchants, from emerging high-growth startups to established brands and B2B companies expanding into new markets.

It's an exciting time to be part of Adobe's ecosystem of digital experiences.

What about magento PWAs ? why mobile is so important.

As previously discussed in this blog, a visitor that is using your developed magento store on a mobile application, is 80% more likely to convert to a customer.

The cheapest and fastest way to build an app of your magento store is to use the PWA technology, Venia. Our goal is to grow your store capabilities, book a meeting and we will write down a successful plan on how to implement your magento store application.

PWA Studio 10.0.0

A new version of PWA Studio 10.0.0 has been launched with new features, refactors, bug fixes and various improvements. Some of these are the Create Report tool and payments by check or money order. The Buildpack CLI command helps the developer get information about a showcase development and configuration environment. The new enterprise feature - payments by check or money order - was provided by Lars Roettig and extends PWA Magento quite significantly. To learn more, check out the PWA Studio 10.0.0 release log.

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