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Onectus aims to innovate the digital world together, by focusing on the provision of sustainability to the project while keeping control over the triple constraint, raising resilience levels, doing great team work and by tracking performance to continuously improve the processes.

Let's build something great together!
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Our experience

What we do in short
We provide top-notch custom software for your business needs

More in detail

What are our fields of experience?
We investigate each case and provide a detailed plan to proceed wether you are building something from scratch or integrating new components within the existing solution.
Service marketplaces onectus

Through many years of experiments and the creation of new marketplace and SaaS products, our experience can help you to find the right path for your startup/scaleup successful implementation and launch.

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Mobile ecommerce services onectus
Mobile ecommerce

eCommerce borders are endless, we specialize in providing traditional and mobile app solutions for magento stores.

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webflow onectus development
High conversion websites with WEBFLOW

Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with almost no code and easy awesome possible integrations. Branding and content management has never been awesome like webflow is.

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Pwa development logo onectus

Web applications that are regular web pages or websites, but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications.

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UI and UX design onectus

Excellent Design is the key factor for the customer's experience, we take a lot of attention on it. Talented designers will guide you to a functional solution.

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Devops services onectus

Follow an agile DevOps methodology to expedite the development cycle and quickly incorporate feedback.

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Onectus Cybersecurity icon

We provide top-notch solutions to protect you against cybercrime. We perfom pen testing, in order to colllect information about the health of your online services.

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Onectus guerrilla marketing services
Guerrilla marketing

We build custom
tech-based strategies that help you to get fast popularity to your product and validate your new idea or established business new horizons without spending tons of cash in marketing.

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wordpress onectus development

We offer you premium Custom WordPress Development service that guarantees exclusivity, quality, and impeccability.

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startup consulting onectus

In many years of experience on how to build scalable service marketplaces, we know what works on the market.

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Agile project management onectus

Scrum + Kanban are one the answers for the product successful implementation through the process of learning from mistakes. Managing unwanted negative processes that impact the fast time to market strategy, is an imperative at Onectus.

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Development policy

Which are the most important values to consider
These key points can be of great help when choosing between the top custom software development companies.
Fluent workflow

Our work process will match your workflow throughout the development cycle. Here at Onectus we are constantly keeping you on track.

Standardized Security Protocols

Cybersecurity is a priority for any modern project. Here at Onectus we follow the latest security protocols for keeping all data and software products safe.

Full Range of Services and quality

As we are specialized in a wide range of fields we will be able to handle your project from a holistic and highly experienced approach.

Let's build something great together!

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