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At Onectus Technologies, our Cloud Engineering service is a seamless blend of innovation and expertise, designed to elevate your digital infrastructure to new heights. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and cutting-edge cloud technologies, we architect robust solutions tailored to your unique needs. From strategic migration to cloud-native development, we navigate the complexities of the cloud landscape, ensuring optimal resource utilization, security, and performance. Experience the power of cloud transformation with Onectus, where engineering meets innovation for a future-ready digital ecosystem.

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Why should you adopt the cloud?

For all kinds of business, where growing revenue and decreasing costs is an important driver for any technology adoption. In particular, cloud adoption enables the following benefits:

Faster time to market

Agile development practices and smart cloud deployment options accelerate the release of apps and services to the market, enabling our clients to gain advantage.

More agility

The infrastructure in the cloud can be provisioned in minutes instead of months, and de-provisioned just as promptly.

increased security

Secure solution design and secure development lifecycle, along with secure practices and approaches to ensure the system's confidentiality and integrity, as well as to keep the data safe and private at all times.


Due to the dynamic market changes, businesses have to be able to scale or shrink their workloads unexpectedly. The ability to handle sudden workload changes wisely enables companies to function effectively without affecting the application’s performance.

cost reduction

Cost savings from a cloud adoption come from the expanded efficiency in the firm’s day-to-day operations, such as database administration, deploying new applications or buying and setting them up, and configuring servers.


The data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world (with the appropriate user permissions). The automatic cloud updates ensure the service is protected against security vulnerabilities and other issues.

Our solution
  • We propose a dedicated solution for your business wether you need to migrate or start from making the first step.
  • We evaluate your infrastructure TCO and cloud adoption ROI
  • Get a documented action plan
    Get a detailed migration plan with budget estimates
    Understand implementation risks, gaps, oversights and recommended solutions
    You will be always aware on which steps to take in future and plan your development
  • Access to the top-notch cloud expertise in AWS and AZURE
  • We deliver quality cloud-based solutions either built, integrated or migrated
  • You will get established processes and quality management standards
Let's build something great together!

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