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Why startups should have a website on webflow

October 27, 2021
Why startups should have a website on webflow
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A startup's website is like a salesperson working 27/7, and is the most extensive component of your branding and content creation efforts. It's the one place where investors and customers can experience your company and get a sense of who you are. Startups need speed, and if you can't keep the website development fast and make it an enjoyable experience, then it becomes an hassle for your content plans and of course - for your potential visitors-customers. The maintenance speed is the reason why we are suggesting webflow to every type business to switch from an old school development - to this beautiful content CMS.

Before you even start building a site, you're likely to do some research to figure out which platform to use. You'll probably explore options like WordPress, etc. But in our opinion, and many other ones, one not-so-humble opinion, WordPress and any other method sucks if you need speed for your content creation, for three reasons:


Time is your most valuable resource and while WordPress has been great at being a first step in making the web more accessible for creators, they have fallen off track by not bringing a user friendly solution. It's still time consuming and difficult to make a WordPress site look and function exactly the way you need it to, and you will not survive without a professional developer. Webflow's design tool allows you to skip the back-and, by focusing only on the branding of your site. This saves time and reduces costs as well, since you are no longer dependent on skilled and expensive developers to make design changes. The changes on the website can be made by just clicking a button - publish. And yeah you may think that it's a tool that is similar to WIX, but you are wrong. Knowledge of CSS is the must have if you want to create something out of the template, but this definitely cut costs of hiring an experienced frontend developer. Webflow is a perfect in-between solution for any type of business. And with a bit of practice, it's accessible to any user type.

The most interesting feature is the editor profile - your marketing team can publish blog posts in a matter of minutes - like we are doing right now.


Whenever the development team is taken out of the way, the question of compromising functionality arises. General statement: whatever you want to do, Webflow can handle it. If you're worried, just ask these giant tech startups how much Webflow has helped their marketing teams.


Michael Kors


Also, if you need to get your development team involved after 99% of the site is built, they can add custom code with ease.

Many tools/plugins such as intercom live chat (or any other else like Tidio) or cookie scripts can be easily implemented with few clicks, without accessing the backend. Webflow is good for showing available careers page, download files from the page - user guides for example, Marketing pop ups, FAQ sections, Beautiful animations and really, many more.


Finally, creativity. New ideas come quickly and you need to move fast as a startup. Can you afford to wait for a designer to put something in a sketch, pass it to the development team, go back and forth to make sure to pass the Quality assurance, have your marketing team edit it, and then launch it? NO! You have to move at the speed of creativity.

To make matters worse, WordPress templates are time consuming to be created, and can't be easily shaped. Certainly not without the help of a developer. Startups can't afford to wait that long or have their developers doing rudimentary coding like building front-end websites.

The bottom line is that if your startup is not on Webflow, you are missing an opportunity.

As mentioned, the speed is really important for startups, outsourcing your website frontend development can be the cherry on the top to quickly reach your customers. We can help! We are seniors in webflow, almost everything can be implemented on it - from a simple blog - to a dynamic content management system.

Let's build something great together!

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