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Why startups are turning to Webflow for their marketing websites

January 10, 2022
Why startups are turning to Webflow for their marketing websites
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It's easy for a startup to get caught up in the excitement of creating products. With this rush to launch, marketing websites may be less of a priority. However, a startup website shouldn't be an afterthought.

Startups, in their rush to get their products out to the world, often don't have the time or people to devote to creating and maintaining marketing websites. They are often rushed in as placeholders, with the intention of improving them in the future. But a website is often a first impression on a customer, and smart startups know it's important to be able to iterate quickly.

With fewer resources, startups need to get the most out of what they have. Small teams often require people to take on multiple roles. Because of their technical backgrounds, it's not uncommon for engineers to become surrogate website coordinators. This can stretch available bandwidth and be a distraction from their work in product development.

"Startups usually have lean teams that all share a single goal. It's not uncommon for roles to overlap. With Webflow, anyone on a team can also do web design and help create a marketing website.
- Bryan Schuldt, co-founder and designer, Table

Startups go through a lot of changes as they develop their businesses. With product updates, changes in strategies, and other forces coming into play, it's important to have a web design platform that makes it easy to come in and make updates. Webflow allows anyone on a team to make changes and adjustments, whenever necessary.

Webflow offers startups an easy way to increase their web presence as they grow.

While webflow seems to be easy, mistakes are always on the corner, that's why our agency is specialised in Webflow-based website development, we have a dedicated team of certified webflow developers.

Webflow gives anyone on a team the ability to contribute to a website, and Interactio's team has benefited from this flexibility. Interactio's marketing team, can do things like add blog posts and make changes to their website in a matter of minutes. Webflow gives everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Startup employees need to be able to solve their own problems, and Webflow provides easy access to web design with a huge, active community and educational resources. And if you need the help of an expert, you can always reach out and find someone.

Webflow is there for every stage of your business

Wherever you are on your journey as a startup, Webflow gives you what you need to launch and maintain your company's website, no matter how much you grow. With Webflow, you're not stuck with a conundrum of a design platform that can only be unlocked by engineers. Any team member can come in, add content, and contribute without fear. For small teams, especially with people taking on a variety of tasks and roles, this is helpful.

We want entrepreneurs and startups to be able to spread the word and grow their brands.

Let's build something great together!

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