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Unlocking the Potential of AI in Software Engineering Recruitment

July 3, 2023
Unlocking the Potential of AI in Software Engineering Recruitment
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We acknowledge that utilizing AI for hiring software engineers is not yet a widely practiced approach. The human touch remains the preferred method to determine the best fit for your team. However, there are still some situations where “exceptions” can be allowed. It is important to note that AI alone cannot effectively judge code quality based on best practices. Evaluating software engineering candidates personally, at least for now, is necessary due to the unique code quality criteria each company may have.

While code quality is undoubtedly important, the extent to which we invest in evaluating it varies. Exceptional problem-solving skills combined with a complex architectural approach often require a significant budget and experienced team members, each hiring case is different. While developing Frontend, you may have multiple implementation approaches to solve a problem, ranging from basic to advanced ones focused on speed optimization, you name it. AI parameters have not yet fully developed to serve such diverse purposes and identify the right candidate by automated code examinations. There are even common stereotypes that tell us how company cultures are very different between each other, that are not meant to be offensive, for example: European coders being "pedantic" and Indian software engineers prioritizing deadlines and speed more.

Currently, we are conducting multiple tests on various platforms to explore the potential of AI in software engineering recruitment. We have identified specific areas where AI can be cautiously considered, with the goal of saving recruiters' time, expanding the talent pool, and assisting in selecting standout candidates. We encourage reviewing the results of these experiments as part of an ongoing effort to enhance AI capabilities. Given the rapid pace of innovation, improvements in AI are expected to emerge swiftly.

Some areas we see AI as an experimental tool

As for today we see AI as a tool for screening purposes for:

  1. CV analysis
  2. English level
  3. Job application analysis
  4. Experience on the paper

Resume Screening: Accelerating the Evaluation Process

AI has revolutionized the time-consuming task of resume screening for software engineering roles. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) techniques, AI-powered systems can analyze resumes and job applications at a remarkable speed. These systems extract relevant information, such as programming languages, frameworks, and project experience, to match candidates with specific requirements. Recent case studies from leading companies

demonstrate that AI can significantly reduce the workload of recruiters while ensuring a thorough evaluation of candidates' technical qualifications.

These are two examples that we have tested:


Lever combines an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a candidate management system into a single platform. It offers candidate nurturing and seamless software integrations throughout the recruitment process, making it particularly effective in sourcing candidates for senior roles. Furthermore, this user-friendly software delves into your workforce diversity, presenting you with the precise talent you require. Main features:

  • Intuitive interface designed to cater to non-technical individuals
  • Robust ATS system
  • Includes a reporting and feedback system
  • Facilitates automatic candidate engagement
  • Provides analytics for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)


CVViZ is an advanced resume screening software that employs AI technology to streamline the recruiting process. By leveraging the power of the cloud, this software stores resumes securely, ensuring easy accessibility at any time. CVViZ utilizes intelligent relative ranking algorithms to match candidates' qualifications with talent management requirements, resulting in varying rankings based on specific management criteria. Here are some notable features that contribute to CVViZ's status as one of the premier resume screening software solutions:

  • Seamless integration with various resume screening tools
  • Customized candidate ranking based on talent management requirements
  • Implementation of an automated tracking system
  • Efficient filtering of duplicate resumes
  • Active involvement of both former and current employees in the recruitment process
  • Smart screening capabilities for enhanced efficiency and accuracy


Freshteam offers recruiters an applicant tracking system that automates data collection from resumes. With its user-friendly interface and a comprehensive 360-degree module, recruiters can easily filter and access candidate information. Additionally, Freshteam serves as a contemporary screening software, equipped with an employee portal and direct communication capabilities with HR management. This automated resume screening software also facilitates pre-screening assessments, follow-ups, and feedback, ultimately enhancing the overall hiring experience. Here are the key features of Freshteam:

  • Utilizes pre-assessment test ideas.
  • Allows saving potential candidates for future hiring needs.
  • Utilizes a parse tool to filter the most qualified candidates.
  • Provides customizable hiring procedures to suit specific requirements.
  • Enhances communication channels for effective collaboration.
  • Promotes employee engagement in the recruitment process.

Advantages of AI-Powered Screening Tools

Although manual resume checking is a challenging task for recruiters, AI-based resume screening tools have emerged to streamline the process and identify suitable candidates for job positions. The following are the key benefits of utilizing such tools:

  1. Time-saving: AI-powered resume validation saves recruiters time and enhances the likelihood of successful hiring. Resumes are scanned for relevant parameters and qualities, allowing recruiters to focus on reviewing the summary, thus saving time.
  2. Data automation: AI for resume validation automates the organization of hiring data by tracking and storing crucial information such as application forms, resumes, and employment-related documentation. This enables efficient processing and management of the applicant database.
  3. Improved candidates' quality: Many received applications may be outdated or lack the necessary key parameters aligned with the job description's required skill set. With resume discovery, recruiters can avoid spending time on processing numerous applications from unqualified candidates.
  4. Reduced prejudice: Unconscious biases can unconsciously influence recruiters' decisions, favoring certain genders, races, or ethnicities. Building a diverse workforce is crucial for innovation and success, necessitating the removal of unconscious biases to ensure fair treatment of all applicants. An automatic resume checker can assist in identifying and mitigating such biases.

Potential Risks and Concerns

While automating the selection process using AI can offer significant time-saving benefits, it's important to acknowledge that these tools are not without risks. Some potential concerns when using AI-based resume screening include:

  1. Ignoring good results: Validation tools may consider high requirements based on the complexity of words, qualifications, or certifications, potentially disqualifying candidates who possess the necessary skills but fail to use the required terminology in their resumes. This could lead to missed opportunities to hire qualified individuals.
  2. Technical issues: Incorrectly formatted resumes may not be properly scanned by validation tools, posing a risk of overlooking suitable candidates and resulting in missed opportunities for the company.
  3. Loss of human touch: Attracting top talent often requires companies to effectively sell their vision and values. Senior-level candidates, in particular, may prefer direct interaction with recruiters or hiring managers who can act as salesperson of their company and explain which value they can give to the candidates. Relying solely on AI may diminish the personal touch required for successful recruitment.

Tips for Using AI in Screening

Despite the advantages of AI screening tools, it is important to consider potential risks and follow certain guidelines to minimize their impact. Here are some tips to ensure effective and responsible usage:

  1. Understand the software: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the AI software analyzes data, learns, identifies patterns, and makes decisions. This knowledge is crucial to avoid potential mistakes and ensure successful implementation.
  2. Carefully handle data: The quality and volume of data provided to AI tools significantly influence their learning capabilities. Be mindful of the data quality and privacy considerations when feeding information to the system.
  3. Address bias concerns: Choose a developer company that actively addresses bias-related issues. Reducing human cognitive biases in the hiring process is a significant challenge, and the developer's efforts to mitigate bias should align with your company's values.
  4. Assess ethical risks: Evaluate the ethical implications related to data collection, protection, and potential impacts on your company's reputation and employer brand. Understanding and addressing these concerns will help ensure a successful and beneficial screening process.
  5. Lastly, fine-tune your recruiting process to effectively integrate the new AI tools and ensure a seamless collaboration between the tools and your recruiters. This proactive approach will help your hiring team navigate any challenges that may arise during the implementation.

Lean and Faster Hiring Alternatives

Now that you are aware of our AI testing and the outcomes, you can consider further strategies to minimize the latency between business requirements and software development outcomes. Typically, the standard hiring timeline for a new team member ranges from 1 to 2 months on average. However, this duration can pose limitations when it comes to swiftly acquiring new skills and expanding the workforce to meet business objectives more rapidly.

While remote hiring allows for accessing a broader talent pool, it may necessitate extending the search to nearshore countries. On the other hand, investing in local market expansion can require substantial financial investments, which could significantly impact the speed of hiring. In cases where the company desires to hire software engineers quickly, tap into larger talent pools, and ensure that applicants' skills have been pre-tested by experts to save time during the application process, staff augmentation can serve as a valuable resource.

We’d like to work with you

By leveraging AI and our extensive talent pools, we can expedite the hiring process and have you hiring within just one week. As part of our commitment to fostering a positive remote company culture, we provide official employment contracts with social security coverage and offer top-of-the-range benefits to ensure your next employee's satisfaction. Our investment in helping individuals find the right jobs is evident in the comprehensive support we provide.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Access to a diverse range of talent pools, expanding your options.
  2. Streamlined hiring process allowing you to hire quickly within one week.
  3. Working with candidates whose skills have been thoroughly verified by our experts.
  4. Opportunity to test candidates' skills in real scenarios before making a hiring decision.
  5. Cost savings that can be directed towards your core business goals.
  6. Two-way learning and continuous improvement in development processes.
  7. No HR tasks or talent acquisition timelines to worry about.

Feel free to request a free test for the candidates we will send you within 24 hours, ensuring a risk-free hiring process.


In conclusion, while AI for hiring software engineers is not yet widespread, there are promising exceptions. AI's potential lies in resume screening tools that save time and improve the outcomes. Although AI cannot fully judge code quality based on best practices, ongoing experiments show its potential in specific areas of recruitment. Leveraging AI wisely, with careful data handling and addressing biases, can enhance the hiring process. Alternatives like staff augmentation and our AI-powered screening offer quicker hiring and diverse talent pools. Overall, a balanced approach combining AI efficiency with human involvement can lead to successful and effective recruitment.

Aivaras Kazilas

Aivaras Kazilas is the Co-founder of Onectus Baltics division, he's responsible for the growth and the company's structure.

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