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The Importance Of Corporate Brand Identity: Today More Than Ever Before

December 9, 2021
The Importance Of Corporate Brand Identity: Today More Than Ever Before
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The tangible elements (such as the name and logo) and the values of a company contribute, together with the peculiarities of the product or service offered, to determine its perception in the imagination of the consumer or customer. The set of these elements is called brand identity and encapsulates the ambitions of the company as well as the expectations of the market.

The concept of brand identity was born between the '80s and '90s, a time when companies began to look for added values to quality (which is still the prerequisite from which to start) to win the loyalty of consumers. For a long time branding has been the tool with which products of the same quality have been differentiated by combining them with values and symbols, and with which companies have changed the perception of their products and services on the market, creating demand and building customer loyalty.

What have been the changes in recent years in defining a brand identity?

Today the market is certainly more complex: consumers are more careful and aware of their choices and have the web on their side, a powerful means of information that allows them to discover what is really behind a brand and to share their experiences (even negative ones) with other users in discussion groups.

The same perception of the ecological and social problems of the planet conditions more the choices of those who buy services and products, so those companies that show social responsibility and join to charitable initiatives, are privileged.

Compared to 20 years ago, moreover, the collective imagination is bombarded by advertising messages and in this visual chaos there is a need to convey essential and direct values to capture the limited attention of the public.

Defining one's brand identity is a priority aspect in order to obtain an effective exchange between the values and the mission of the company and the consumer who must elect it as his point of reference in a given sector. It involves considering a series of important aspects while maintaining a certain coherence between what is declared and what is done. Today, brand identity has become an objective, a strategic task that must accomplished by the company as it projects itself onto the market of the future and establish continuous communication with those who believe (and will believe) in it.


If you think it's time to have a brand identity for your business or company, so you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with it, contact us for a free quote; we will evaluate together the best solution for your business.

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