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The Benefits of Outstaffing for Scaleups

May 12, 2023
The Benefits of Outstaffing for Scaleups
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As a scaleup grows and expands, it often faces a crucial challenge of finding skilled talent to keep up with its increasing demands. In the past, the only option for companies was to hire full-time employees to meet their staffing needs, but this approach has its drawbacks. Staff augmentation, also called outstaffing, offers an alternative that can provide greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness while still delivering top talent. In this article, we will explore the benefits of staff augmentation for scaleups and provide examples of how it has helped companies succeed.

How scaleups can benefit from staff augmentation

Scaleups face unique challenges as they grow, including managing their budgets, finding specialized talent, and keeping up with the pace of change. Staff augmentation offers a solution to these challenges by providing scaleups with access to skilled professionals who can join their teams on a temporary or long-term basis. This approach enables companies to bring in experts who can handle specific projects or tasks, without committing to all the risks when you hire a person without references.

Staff augmentation is particularly useful for scaleups that need to move quickly and adapt to changing circumstances. Instead of spending time and money on recruiting and training new employees, companies can leverage staff augmentation to bring in professionals who are already proficient in the needed skills. This approach also provides greater flexibility, as scaleups can adjust the number of staff they need as the project evolves.

Why it's a more flexible and cost-effective option

One of the main benefits of staff augmentation is that it is a more flexible and cost-effective option compared to traditional hiring. When companies hire full-time employees, they have to pay for salaries, benefits, and other overhead costs. In contrast, with staff augmentation, companies only pay for the services they need, and they can adjust the number of staff as needed.

Another advantage of staff augmentation is that it provides greater flexibility to companies. With full-time employees, companies are often constrained by the time and resources needed to recruit, onboard, and train new employees. With staff augmentation, companies can quickly bring in skilled professionals who can hit the ground running and start contributing immediately.

Success stories of scaleups that have used staff augmentation

At Onectus, we have helped many companies succeed by providing them with access to top talent through staff augmentation. One of our best success stories is about a customer who came to us with a specific problem of hiring local skilled talent to migrate from vanilla to vue.js. We provided them with a wide range of candidates for a long-term employment scope, and our customer is enjoying our candidates who respond proactively and are results-driven.

By leveraging staff augmentation, this scaleup was able to find the specialized talent it needed to complete a critical project. They did not have to commit to full-time employment or pay the high costs associated with traditional hiring. As a result, they were able and continue to complete the project tasks on time and within budget, setting the stage for future success.

In conclusion, staff augmentation provides an excellent solution for scaleups that need to find skilled talent quickly and cost-effectively. By leveraging the benefits of staff augmentation, scaleups can grow and expand without the risks and costs associated with traditional hiring. At Onectus, we specialize in helping companies find top talent through staff augmentation, and we would be happy to discuss your staffing needs and provide you with our expertise and services.

Anna Romashkan

Account manager at Onectus. As a startup enthusiast and innovation advocate, I am passionate about helping companies scale their software teams.

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