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The benefits of custom software development 

December 15, 2021
The benefits of custom software development 
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There are several reasons why opting for custom software development can be a key investment in terms of dynamism and efficiency of a company's core systems. Custom software development provides the company with a tool designed specifically for its activities, as opposed to classic bundled software or template, to which the company must adapt. When the complexity of internal processes meets the complexity of a market that is increasingly focused on customization, choosing to invest in custom software can be the winning way to increase efficiency and to create a relationship of trust with a professional software development company that can accompany you from development to maintenance of the application, including the modernization in the future.

In custom software development, the team of developers follow the client's requirements step by step to ensure that the custom software reflects the true needs of the company and in addition - Onectus is always looking to verify if the business case is valid and the solution can bring benefits.

Custom software development offers numerous advantages over standardized packages. First, greater flexibility and efficiency: software functionality is developed according to business needs and can be modified quickly. A tailor-made solution makes it possible to identify and program a high-performance application that helps the company optimize its processes, become more efficient, and ultimately save money.

Since it is a proprietary software, even the risks regarding data security are minimized: only the company and the supplier development team are able to access the information and it is also possible to intervene on the source code.

Often software packages do not meet all the needs of companies: each reality is unique and therefore investing on a custom software allows you to develop the perfect solution.

How to request a custom software development contract and how much it costs

It is undeniable that the budget required to develop custom software is higher than for package solutions: this is why it is a solution implemented mainly by medium and large companies with a higher spending potential. However, it should be noted that a custom development contract avoids the licensing costs of packaged software: a fixed cost that cannot be amortized over time.

Another aspect to consider is the software delivery time: developing a custom application takes time, normally a few months, but it depends on the complexity of the functions that are implemented.

However, the result is qualitatively superior because it is created ad hoc. Custom software development, by helping to make internal processes more efficient, helps reduce costs in the long run.

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