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Streamline Employee Learning and Development with Outstaffing

May 24, 2023
Streamline Employee Learning and Development with Outstaffing
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In our previous article we showcased the data about why people leave your company, lack of learning and development was the main reason, today we'd like to address other challenges that HR teams have and provide solutions on this matter.

If you're part of the HR department, you're familiar with the challenges of ensuring employees complete their training programs and the frustrations that arise when technical issues disrupt the process. These issues not only create additional work and headaches for HR professionals but also result in a poor employee experience and diminished credibility for the People team. In this article, we introduce the outstaffing model as a solution that addresses these pain points, streamlines learning and development, and enhances the overall employee experience.

Eliminating the Chase

With the outstaffing model, HR professionals no longer have to chase employees to complete their required training programs. By partnering with an outstaffing provider, organizations can assign their dedicated outstaffing provider who will proactively manage and track employees' training progress. This ensures that all training requirements are met on time, reducing the burden on HR and allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives, outstaffing/staff augmentation partners already have all the frameworks and learning processes based on each individual, and have already identified the right learning tools. Our company is focused on software engineering support, and we have stored a lot of knowledge in our code base during the years, this allows software engineers to learn directly from other software engineers, which is proven to be even more effective.

Seamless Training Experience

Outstaffing eliminates the frustration of glitchy training platforms. The dedicated professionals provided by the outstaffing provider ensure that employees have a seamless training experience. They address technical issues promptly, provide guidance and support throughout the training process, and ensure that employees' progress is properly tracked and recorded. This results in a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience, boosting employee engagement and motivation.

Improved Employee Experience

By addressing the pain points in learning and development, outstaffing significantly enhances the overall employee experience. Employees no longer have to deal with frustrating technical glitches or worry about losing their progress. The dedicated professionals from the outstaffing provider team ensure that employees receive personalized support, prompt assistance, and a positive learning environment. This fosters a sense of trust, satisfaction, and confidence in the organization's commitment to their growth and development.

Enhanced Credibility

Outstaffing not only solves the immediate pain points but also contributes to the overall credibility of the HR department. By implementing a reliable and efficient training process, the People team gains the trust and buy-in of employees. The seamless learning experience and proactive support provided by the outstaffing provider showcase the organization's commitment to employee development, reinforcing HR's reputation as a valuable resource within the company.


Outstaffing offers a transformative solution for HR professionals who struggle with the challenges of employee training and development. By partnering with an outstaffing provider, organizations can streamline the learning process, eliminate the chase for completion, and provide employees with a seamless and engaging training experience. This not only improves the employee experience but also enhances the credibility of the HR department, setting the foundation for a more efficient and productive workforce. Embrace the outstaffing model and unlock the full potential of your organization's learning and development initiatives.

Aivaras Kazilas

Aivaras Kazilas is the Co-founder of Onectus Baltics division, he's responsible for the growth and the company's structure.

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