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Startups: 'Plan, measure, scale'

February 1, 2022
Startups: 'Plan, measure, scale'
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Growing up is one of the most difficult steps in the life of a startup, and in order to become a successful scaleup, it must have a well-organized management team with excellent execution skills. There's a lot of talk about startups, less about scaleups. Yet in the United States 4 companies out of 100 pass the startup stage, but only 0.4% pass the scaleup stage.

Who has a long experience in the world of innovation say that every company must prepare its climb towards success with a maniacal "planning" and the right calibration of the steps: "The startup is a fragile object, it has the challenge of the market, of the competitors and often of the technology. Failures happen, but it doesn't mean you've lost the war: in those moments it makes such a difference to have a safety net, the advice of an expert and the support of the partners.

There are two typical mistakes made by startups that fail to grow: a too strong link with the territory and the tendency to oversize their company. "The typical mistake of startups is to consider themselves only of that particular country. They hardly look beyond for cultural reasons and knowledge of foreign languages, although the European Union helps to overcome borders with equal rules for all. The other limitation is 'overdoing' the company with frills, costs and managers that are not necessary. You lose the momentum with important board members.

For those who want to break into the world of innovative companies, the advice "is to spend the same amount of time on the execution strategy as on studying new initiatives. The execution - makes a lot of difference: we concentrate a lot on the brilliant idea, but a beautiful idea realized badly doesn't go anywhere. A not so brilliant idea, but executed with an excellent execution plan goes far.

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