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Remote startup working: 3 advices for companies

October 13, 2021
Remote startup working: 3 advices for companies
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We will suggest three tested tips which we have developed, a model of personnel management based on a social basis, capable of maintaining the high quality of the company's organization

The future of work also lies, if not above all, in the now famous remote working is well known. Just a few days ago, PwC, one of the so-called Big Four, the four largest auditing firms in the world, announced to its 40,000 employees in the United States the possibility of working remotely forever, from anywhere in the country. The plan of the British multinational on work policies appears to be the most driven among its competitors and is aimed at attracting an increasing number of talents. It still needs to be tested on a long term how to combine the positive aspects of smart working, including increased productivity and greater personal well-being for a large proportion of workers, with a high level of employee engagement. In fact, such a profound change in individual habits implies the need to devise a new approach to maintaining the interaction between people and the firm.

Three tips

1. Boost employee engagement, which is the measure of an employee's involvement with the organization. When an employee feels involved in the collective effort to achieve the company's objectives and shares its values, he or she is more productive. This is why HR should activate concrete initiatives and processes, internal to the company, to put people at the center. In this way, the efficiency and the spirit of collaboration of the workers, with the same acquired competences, could increase.

2. Implement corporate welfare plans, i.e. those projects aimed at improving the well-being of employees and their families. According to the specialized startup, these are initiatives to support the income and health, physical and psychological, of the worker. In particular, in this historical moment, it is increasingly necessary to provide a plan of measures to reconcile private life and work, modeling it on the needs of the company and its staff. It is also important to foster a climate of dialogue within the company. To do this, it is possible to promote moments of encounter that increase motivation and equal opportunities, also using company platforms and apps.

3. Encourage a digital workplace. As mentioned, work environments will increasingly be hybrid models. Hence the need for society to equip itself with automation systems, BOTs and virtual assistants, capable of aggregating and cross-referencing the skills of each worker. Through artificial intelligence, HR is able to envy those skills and assign each employee the most suitable role, within a complex mechanism. In addition, thanks to digital systems and the support of algorithms, it is possible to create a web space that allows staff, in the office or remotely, to stay connected and up to date with company news.

Human Resources

The value of human resources

In today's work environment, the human resources function plays a strategic role, within organizations. Pandemic has revolutionized spaces and the way we work.

The time has come for companies to align people behaviours and goals with digital transformation strategies. For these reasons HR processes are going through a phase of transition and paradigm shift, which will create new challenges and priorities.

These certainly include the mapping of skills and career processes. In other words, if the way how we are working is changing, the role of HR is changing with it.

The HR world is one that is sensitive to change, technology and emotions. Numbers are interfacing with people, data with experiences: "the HR function will no longer make decisions based on people, but on its people by creating paths of growth, enhancement and training, through the use of People Analytics, a tool that can examine, for example, the evolution of skills over time.

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