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One of the Scaleup leaders' key to grow faster in 2022

March 1, 2022
One of the Scaleup leaders' key to grow faster in 2022
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Estimates suggest that up to 23% of startups and scaleups fail as they don’t have the right team, including a lack of experienced leadership.

Founders often don’t have the time to scale the capabilities of their broader leadership teams, and in fast-growth tech scaleups the capabilities of these teams needs to grow often in just a few months: for example, event platform firm Hopin grew from six to 600 employees in just 1 year.

Leaders from C-Suite and department head roles often come to us with their biggest and critical challenge to tackle as their business grows.

Hiring well – at speed

A rapidly growing business will usually encounter the problem of how to hire strong talent, fast. This comes down to making sure your hiring strategy is at the heart of your business.

For a business that’s lesser known, you might find you need to be imaginative about where you look for talent – empower managers and employees to go out and talk about the business and build diversity from the start by looking for talent in more diverse places.

Larger business needs a constant and fast team growth, hiring using the outstaffing model helps to reduce the time of research, while employment and human resources managements costs remain low, especially if you hire in the eastern European area - here we can find the best quality and price ratio in the world.

Once you’ve selected suitable candidates, you must be very clear on what you’re offering them. A scaleup can compete against bigger companies by offering flexibility, variety, more autonomy, a wider role, the chance to build and develop a new team, initiative, region or audience group. These are all thrilling prospects to many talented people, so don’t be afraid to compete.

Tip to hire at speed

Pandemic boosts remote hiring and now companies are able to hire talents from all over the world. It became reasonable to move towards remote/hybrid hiring.

Project based/or remote hiring is becoming more popular among Fortune 500 companies. For example, P&G used platforms such as UpWork for new product development of R&D needs, one of the biggest software services company in the world "Visma digital commerce" is successfully adopting the outstaffing model all over the world for some years before the pandemic and after. Startups and scaleups have successfully adopted the new model as well, the efficiency is visible immediately, and some of our partners said that this model has many benefits:

  1. Lowering operating costs. Within the outstaffing model, you can have a remote team without opening a new company branch or a remote development office. By using outstaffing providers, your company doesn’t need to hire lawyers, accountants, and facility managers. These individuals are also already a part of a tech company specialized in outstaffing, they will take care of operational work for you.
  2. Onboarding process. The business owners doesn’t need to seek out, hire, and onboard remote tech specialists on their own, as the vendor staffs all projects with its own tech talent. While your company can concentrate on the product delivery team.
  3. No need to spend time on educating employees. You get access to skilled talent, and never have to train junior employees. A manager from your company can contribute to employee training — yet, but it doesn't have to be your responsibility.
  4. Staffing flexibility (project changes). Scaling or reducing the number of employees can be done with minimal downtime since all communication is handled by the vendor.
  5. No location constraints. As you search for in-house employees, there are a few places to search often only within your country. With outstaffing you can hire from all over the world, prioritizing expertise over the location.


Hiring talents is a vital move that needs to be done properly. The choice is yours! And Onectus is always ready to get you covered. We have a professional opinion both on the outsourcing and outstaffing needs of the product development you require.

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