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NFT marketplaces development: how to get started

December 27, 2021
NFT marketplaces development: how to get started
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At Onectus, we believe that entering the world of NFTs is a long-term win. Or more precisely, hitting the mark at the right time. In fact, we offer our clients highly sophisticated non-fungible token development services. At Onectus, we create NFTs by combining our proprietary NFT features. We provide NFT platform development services with advanced security and flexibility that can help your new born or established company to disrupt the market.

What are NFTs

The acronym NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token", i.e., "Non-Replicable Digital Token". They are, therefore, unique cryptographic tokens, which differ from other cryptocurrencies precisely because of their unrepeatable character. The concept of "non-fungibility", in fact, refers precisely to their uniqueness and indivisibility and is what gives them a potentially very high value.

Unique artworks

NFTs, therefore, are identified as unique works of art: just like a painting by a famous painter, they preserve the values of originality and authenticity of the digital product. In short, NFTs are unique and immutable works of art: no copying, modification or contestation of ownership can be made on an NFT. This means they have a specific individuality, i.e. only one owner at a time, and cannot be replaced with others.

So, since an NFT represents a work of art, the auction by which bids are made is equivalent to the blockchain. The blockchain is the digital ledger containing unmodifiable information about the product itself, including the NFT's identifier. It is, therefore, a secure and reliable system present on the network, where data can no longer be changed or altered.

Ignorance is banned

For many, the world of NFTs is still an unfamiliar and sometimes a risky place, hence a great distrust about it. However, before making judgments and irreversible decisions about the subject, it is always good to become better informed.

First, let's dwell on the fact that an NFT can be anything: a video, a photo, a GIF, a text, an article, an audio. They can be produced from any form of digital art, offering themselves either as a limited edition, in collaboration with other artists, or as part of a unique collection. But to really understand how to get into the world of NFTs, you have to start with the basics.

How to enter the world of NFTs: why to buy them

Whoever decides to buy an NFT does not do it for the product in the strict sense, but to guarantee the possibility to claim a right on that work. In this way, it is as if you were getting an electronic certificate that attests to the uniqueness of the work itself.

To give a clearer idea, just reflect on the pivotal concept on which collecting itself is based. Wanting to own something valuable and unique is inherent in human nature, a natural trait. And when something becomes literally any digital data, the game really gets interesting.

How to buy an NFT

To buy an NFT you need to be in possession of cryptocurrencies and make use of a blockchain, usually Ethereum, although there are also others such as Flow Blockchain, Smart Chain, TRON and EOS. Currently, the most accessible platform is OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs.

As you can see, the digital world of NFTs is far from easy, but with us at Onectus, there's nothing to worry about.

Investing in a futuristic market

You are now able to understand why investing in the futuristic NFT market may prove to be the breakthrough of the millennium. These digital tokens represent great opportunities for brands, who are increasingly leveraging their value for their own professional growth.

A fast-growing trend that will revolutionize the world we know.

As the records say, NFT sales volume exceeded $11 billion in the third quarter of 2021, and famous people like Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Gary Vee and others have shown strong interest.

As demand increases, so does supply, and this will continue until it reaches a reasonable mode of stability.

As today, many NFT marketplaces are available, like TopShot, or are under development.

According to Business Insider, TopShot has over 800,000 users who can communicate with one another via Top Shot's messaging platform on Discord. Top Shot has earned more than $500 million in sales to date, with the most valuable NFT sold – LeBron James dunking against the Houston Rockets – fetching a reported $387,600.

At Onectus, we're building two NDA NFT projects that will disrupt the market soon. The demand is growing and it's the right time for organizations that operate in the classical market, to invest in this sector by extending their profits. Just imagine an eCommerce that offers NFT items.

We build NFT marketplaces

Our product development team has mastered the art of creating a stable and reliable NFT platform with high efficiency and precision on a consistent basis. Our NFT development company assigns individual product managers to each of our clients' NFT projects and ensures complete guidance and support throughout the development stage. We have committed to deploying the best NFT platform for our clients and assisting them in increasing the market visibility of their NFT projects through high-quality post-marketing services. Our NFT development company's top priority is to position our clients as leaders in the NFT sector.

Let's build something great together!

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