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Nearshore Outsourcing: what are its advantages?

November 24, 2021
Nearshore Outsourcing: what are its advantages?
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In the blink of an eye, the world has become remote. Digital transformation and technology came with overwhelming force and took the stage in business strategies. The goal? Simple: adaptation to the new reality.

Zygmunt Bauman (sociologist and philosopher) calls this transition we are living in times of interregnum: We are between what is no longer and what is not yet. The old model no longer serves us and the new one is not ready. But don't worry! We believe that many things will change for the better within this scenario of chaos and collapse. It takes discipline and resilience to endure these transitions as we fully adapt.

We know that building this new normal is a huge challenge. It may not be easy, but it is possible. We at Onectus are invested in thinking about how we can learn and make these transformations together. One of the solutions we see in this scenario is nearshore outsourcing, where collaboration is essential.

What is the Nearshore Strategy?

Nearshore strategy is nothing but hiring a remote team geographically close to your company, which provides several business benefits including cost reduction, logistics and cultural proximity. The primary motivation is to scale processes, take projects out of the drawer and increase profit. In times of pandemic and social isolation, maintaining productivity is essential and must be done safely, effectively and in a smart way. Nearshore strategy is one of the easiest ways to expand your team remotely, achieve scalability and remain competitive. Using nearshore can be a game changer for your business.

How does a nearshore strategy work?

The way to make a nearshore strategy work is through communication. The exchange between the team and the manager is paramount in any project. Communication that is aligned, transparent and ensures everyone is visible is the critical element to success. The nearshore practice must also be aligned with the company's business objectives. Achieving alignment requires cultural proximity, language proficiency and a deep understanding of the market. Ideally, the company should choose its nearshore partner with all of these requirements in mind.

At Onectus, we provide nearshore talent with agile technical skills and a deep understanding of user-focus design practices. We're well-versed in a variety of collaboration models, including affordable high-impact quality teams.

What are the benefits of a Nearshore strategy?

  • Native interface - Cultural proximity ensures transparent communication and full project visibility.
  • Similar time zone - Business hours, daily meetings, or short trips are no problem!
  • Market Knowledge - Knowing the market and conveying this knowledge to the team makes all the difference in strategy design and execution.
  • Geographic Proximity - Geographic proximity creates a much smaller impact in terms of corporate travel and facilitates communication.
  • Cultural and linguistic similarity or proximity - Language similarities help you understand your client's macro and micro scenarios.

Our competitive advantage: the Onectus way

Choosing a nearshore outsourcing strategy is simple, but having the right partner is critical. Technology and expertise are essential to project success. Once you've chosen the right partner, you need to dive deep and understand the changes your company will need to make to operate in this new model. Identify which technologies will improve your processes, strengthen or create a new culture in your business. We've brought along some features of our collaboration model to understand the differences in this approach.

Dedicated team. A dedicated team is an independent cell with distinct functions throughout the development process.

Thinking about digital design. Bringing a mindset aligned to the growing uncertainties at hand, the approach delivers an excellent result in a short amount of time, focusing on the individual while providing short-term execution.

Agile methodologies. To develop more strategic projects and streamline processes, we use the Agile mindset to manage remote teams. This ability to adapt the methodology makes for an ideal implementation in uncertain scenarios.

Workspace and Infrastructure. We align them with your business goals so that you only have to worry about your business goals.

Time saving. It avoids the lengthy process of interviewing and hiring people and reduces the time-to-market of your projects.

Specialized support. We have specialists who can help you with all of your project needs.

Scale your team according to your needs. Additional hands-on are available on short notice.

Technology Services. Software development (Web and mobile apps), DevOps, security and vulnerabilities, IoT app development, eCommerce, PWA, marketplaces. We have a large base of talented employees with extensive experience in the most relevant technologies for each market.

Build the future today

Times of transition are sometimes seen as crises because it's uncomfortable to be vulnerable in the face of the unknown, thus losing their innovative potential. Here at Onectus, we build the post-normal using the strategies just discussed. To achieve your business goals, you need to consider what actions to take to pave the way. Take the first step today and make outsourcing part of your new normal. Get in touch with our experts to explore how to address your company's challenges.

Let's build something great together!

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