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How to advertise your startup

November 3, 2021
How to advertise your startup
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The planning and design phase is over - your startup is ready to take on the world. Of course, this is certainly not an easy plan to implement. Your new company is like a child who has to learn how to walk and who needs help to fit into a world unknown to him. So what do you do to get out of the incubator? The first and most important step is promotion. In this article we want to present four methods of promotion for your newborn Startup.

What's the strategy?

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Startup –

Your greatest pride has blossomed and is in your hands candid and innocent. Only you know what it is worth and only you know how much passion and effort it took to bring it to life. Let's take it for granted, then, that you have properly set up your new business so that it has all the credentials to effectively enter the market. Now that your startup is up and walking on its own, you need to give it a boost. This boost is called online promotion and it consists of many different strategies. The interesting aspect is that you don't need to choose just one strategy, but they can be easily combined: social promotion will never negatively affect SEO and SEM campaigns, but on the contrary, your startup will be able to operate on two different channels and therefore acquire traffic in a different way. Below we are going to explain 5 of the most effective methods of online promotion for your Startup, so eyes, mind and heart open!

Contents in Brief:

  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Social Communication
  • Adopt a SEO strategy
  • Rely on SEM
  • In conclusion

Content marketing

You may have heard of this type of online communication. We dealt many times with writing blog articles, and content remains the king. This type of online communication is appreciated globally because it is useful both to the company and to the user. Content Marketing is part of a much broader strategy called Inbound Marketing where the user is actually the author of his own destiny. Although we continue to use the interruptive type of communication (you're watching a video on Facebook and it stops halfway through because an advertisement starts, or you're reading an article and a Pop-Up suddenly pops up because you moved the cursor too close to the "back" arrow) those who have to do with the world of the Web has long understood that to attract users, you should not disturb them.

That's where blogging and content marketing comes in. Every business, Startup or Freelancer should have a blog on their site.

The benefits are many:

  • Producing content keeps your site up-to-date, which search engines deeply appreciate and tend to reward.
  • The posts gravitate around a very precise area, that of the product/service offered by the Startup. This makes the communication professional, useful and targeted to a specific audience: the one most likely to convert.
  • Useful content along with keyword optimization of pages generates Brand Awareness. Your audience will begin to recognize your startup as a professional entity they can rely on.
  • The budget for this activity is almost zero. More than anything else, time and good writing skills will be needed.

For a startup this communication strategy is essential. Through the blog in fact the new company can make itself known, build a precise identity and promote its work in a useful and interesting way. Obviously it's not possible to wake up in the morning and decide in a hurry a topic to write about: it's necessary a serious and coherent content planning, which contains both the research and production part and the more technical part of SEO, which will allow a better positioning of the page on search engines.

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Social communication

For some time now, Social Networks have been an integral part of international marketing and promotional strategies. These are in fact excellent distribution channels, as there are lots of potential areas where to get traffic. We are not only referring to Facebook, which holds the record among the most used social networks in the world, but also Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

Of course, effectively communicating the exceptional nature of one's product to a heterogeneous public is by no means simple, but the Startup has an extra edge: novelty. Since the startup has just been founded, it can play the novelty card and create a communication strategy capable of capturing people's imagination, as happened with the startup Squatty Potty. The case here is extreme, also because the advertised product is not the most attractive given its connotation of a "toilet tool". Yet these gentlemen have managed to transform an object not very appealing in a viral phenomenon, all thanks to the promotional video starring a knight and his unicorn. As we have already said, this is a borderline case, in fact this commercial has received several awards for its originality and bravado. However, it is important to understand which cut to give to the communication, taking into account both the product sold, the target audience and the Social used.

  • Facebook is a bit of everything, which is perhaps why it is appreciated by most companies. On it you can do both textual and visual communication, although the latter is much more performing.
  • Twitter has a concise communication that does not allow turns of phrase. With this social network you go straight to the point.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are the masters of visual communication, although there are several differences between the two. Instagram is much more interactive and tells stories, while Pinterest is more consultative.

Adopt a SEO strategy

The user does not like to be interrupted during his searches, but if the product is present in plain sight among the three or four positions on the first page, that is a pure advantage. This is what startups need to do to start acquiring customers: get found well positioned among Google's search results.

SEO can be applied to every page of the site defined as relevant, such as the Homepage and the categories of the Menu. Obviously the pages of the blog must be optimized as well, which will receive ranking for the topic and then for the keyword of reference.  To carry out independently a strategy like this is quite difficult and it is very likely that it will not bring results. For SEO to be effective it must be planned and studied by a SEO specialist or a SEO agency. The initial difficulty lies in making your way through the sea of players already in the market. Their SEO strategies were implemented long before yours, so to stand out, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and make sure that every detail and every keyword is the right one.

Rely on SEM

When you want to get top results in half the time compared to SEO, SEM is the right tool. SEO is one of the best strategies to acquire a stable and fixed position over time, however, before reaching an optimal result you will inevitably spend a lot of time. If, on the other hand, you want to announce the birth of your startup to as many people as possible in a short time, you will have to put in place an SEM campaign. Through the Google Adwords tool you can create a campaign of sponsored ads that promote one or more pages of your site. Usually you point to the Homepage, but also other pages are used to bring traffic to the site. However, don't forget that Google's main focus is user satisfaction, so your ad will have to go through the search engine's approval process before it goes online. There are a few parameters that need to be met for this approval to come through promptly:

  • Clarity: the ad must be clear and describe exactly what the page contains. Among other things, the number of characters that can be used for the ad message is very limited.
  • Keyword: the keyword must be contained in the ad, both in the title and in the description (if possible).
  • Call-to-Action: it is important to include a Call-to-Action in the ad.

Even in this case, however, it would be better to rely on an expert. He will be able to take care of the campaign in a more professional and accurate way and will also be able to manage more than one campaign at the same time. The difficult part of this strategy is the continuous monitoring: you have to constantly check the performance of the ads and decide which strategy to put in place in the immediate future based on what you see.

In conclusion

In an all-round promotion strategy, none of these techniques should be discarded, in fact all of them should be used to acquire traffic and leads. The website, moreover, must always be the core of the strategy, because it is to it that future customers are ferried. Whether it's through social media or a good Google Advertising campaign, your website is still the first thing the user see, so it's important to give weight to the visual aspect as well. Then it's up to you to decide whether to rely on professionals for the creation of a communication suitable for your Startup or choose it yourself. Always remember that nowadays communication is fundamental and starting with the wrong foot can really make the difference between success and failure.

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We hope this article was helpful to you and we hope to see you hanging around our blog again. Happy Marketing!

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