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Free for non-profit

September 20, 2021
Free for non-profit
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Doing good things bring good things. The society is full enough of negativity these days, the right thing to do is to look at the positive things. One positive news, at least, is that Onectus team has decided to share knowledge and resources for non-profit organisations to empower our community, giving possibilities to who don't have them.

Free for non-profit

Yup, that's right! We have started a program that consists in building a free website (or any other service that will help generating traffic) for our chosen non-profit organizations to help them achieve better visibility on the web. As a result of more traffic, organisations can raise funds for fighting for the nature, help families with difficulties, give aid to who and what really need of it.

How we can help:

  • We will create a website or any other service for generating traffic
  • Manage SEO
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Step by step guide to email marketing
  • Training

Contact us and we will carefully review every request.

Let's build something great together!

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