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Efficiency with Automation and tools for engineering teams

May 31, 2023
Efficiency with Automation and tools for engineering teams
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Automation and new tools play a crucial role in optimizing work processes and enhancing productivity. As an engineering manager, it is essential to leverage data-driven decision-making to identify areas for improvement and implement changes effectively. In this article, we explore the benefits of automation and highlight key tools that can drive efficiency within your team.

Identifying Areas for Automation

Automation aims to replace repetitive and time-consuming tasks. As an engineering manager, your role includes identifying areas where automation can be implemented effectively. However, it's important to base your decisions on data rather than assumptions. Simply assuming that a task will be easier or faster with automation may not always hold true. Utilize data-driven insights to drive your decisions and prioritize areas for automation.

Automated Software Development Analytics

Implementing automated software development analytics provides objective insights into your team's activities. Track metrics such as code churn, coding hours, efficiency, and team member interactions. By analyzing this data, you can identify areas where bad code is introduced, detect silos within your team, and address technical debt efficiently. These insights enable you to make informed decisions and optimize your team's performance.

Automated Testing and APM Software

Automation in testing and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) saves time while gathering valuable data. Use these tools to identify bug-to-feature ratios, pinpoint issues affecting software responsiveness, and prioritize code reviews. By leveraging automated testing and APM software, you can streamline your testing processes, improve the quality of your software, and enhance overall efficiency.

Project Management Software

Embracing modern project management software can significantly boost efficiency. Popular options like Slack, Jira, Proofhub and Notion offer features tailored for collaboration, task management, and communication. Evaluate the benefits of these tools based on your team's specific needs and compare them against your existing benchmarks. Consider the advantages they provide in terms of organization, transparency, and productivity.

Hybrid Agile

Waterfall and Agile methodologies offer contrasting approaches to software development. Agile prioritizes rapid development and adaptability, while Waterfall emphasizes step-by-step planning and resists changes during the process. Interestingly, a notable 30% of organizations have discovered that combining techniques from both methodologies can yield superior results compared to choosing one over the other. This combined approach, known as Hybrid, allows specialists to leverage the benefits of Agile while utilizing Waterfall's strengths in areas such as planning, estimating, and hardware setup. By integrating Agile techniques into the conventional Waterfall workflow, companies can enhance the likelihood of successful project outcomes.

Doing the Due Diligence

As an engineering manager, it's crucial to do your due diligence before implementing any changes. Be open to suggestions from your team members regarding third-party solutions. Delegate reviews and tests to determine if a solution is fit for purpose. Compare the advantages it offers against the implementation cost. By thoroughly evaluating new tools and automation options, you can ensure that the changes you implement will have a positive impact on efficiency.


Efficiency is paramount in software engineering, and automation combined with the right tools can greatly enhance productivity. As an engineering manager, leverage data-driven decision-making to identify areas for improvement. Implement automated software development analytics, embrace testing and APM software, and explore modern project management tools. By doing your due diligence and assessing the advantages against implementation costs, you can drive efficiency and propel your team towards success in a rapidly evolving industry.


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Aivaras Kazilas

Aivaras Kazilas is the Co-founder of Onectus Baltics division, he's responsible for the growth and the company's structure.

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