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Build an app for your eCommerce site and increase revenue by 80%

November 17, 2021
Build an app for your eCommerce site and increase revenue by 80%
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The advantages of eCommerce are well known, but do you know that these could be amplified if you had an App (or PWA) for your eCommerce store dedicated and developed specifically for your business? And that's what Onectus is able to do: to put its knowledge at the disposal of your business needs to study an application that can be perfectly integrated into your online store, offering you a new outlet channel, and as 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps to mobile websites, by building an app for your Prestashop or Magento store, you’re already giving the customers what they want.

Why outsource my online sales to an app?

This is a key question that is often asked when the idea of an eCommerce app comes up. The answer could take weeks of explaining, as well as it could be "dismissed" in a matter of seconds. An online sales app helps increase sales by improving customer satisfaction. This is the main motivation that should stimulate a business to embark on an eCommerce journey through the use of a tool that can turbocharge your business. The customer, wherever he is, will be able to consult your product catalog, see availability, price and maybe send you a request for information, or conclude the purchase directly from smartphone. The advantage of building an app is to allow users to have active sessions and send notification of new products directly on their phone. Don't forget that your warehouse will be updated automatically, especially if the App dedicated to eCommerce will be integrated with your management system.

Through an App for your eCommerce store you will be able to give new sustainability to sales and turnover, reach new customers, retain the already established, create a personalized shopping experience depending on the market or the user, enter new markets. Statistics show that during 2020, also thanks to the Covid situation, the majority of acquisitions were made online and at least 80% of transactions were completed through a smartphone or a tablet. This is enough to understand how an eCommerce App can represent a potential form of steady income for the coming months.

Let's summarize the main benefits of a dedicated and customized eCommerce App.

  1. Higher profits due to lower management costs
  2. Greater interaction with the customer
  3. Easier to conclude the purchase
  4. Customer loyalty
  5. Personalize the shopping experience
  6. Acquire new customers
  7. Enter new markets
  8. Fast customer communication

This makes it clear that it's not enough today to have a beautiful website, but something more is needed, that "plus" necessary to go and unearth the innermost commercial and motivational aspects of the business. If someone were to tell you that the advantages of an eCommerce app depend on your industry, don't believe them. If your business includes the possibility of having an online store, with the App you would surely have a benefit, keeping all the advantages of the case.

How should an App for eCommerce be?
All that has been said so far makes sense only if we are faced with a well-made and well-developed eCommerce App. If the customer is satisfied, he'll come back to buy through the App, but if he's not satisfied, not only he won't use this tool anymore, but he'll hardly come back to buy from the reference site. The image of your brand and your business is at stake. Here's how an App for e-commerce should be in order to exploit all its potential.

Fast: the first thing that a user looks at in an App is its speed of operation, even more so if it serves to conclude a purchasing process. In this case speed is fundamental.

Stability: the application must be stable, avoid crashes or continuous update requests, it must not run slowly, freeze or not respond to commands.

Immediate: understanding the menu must be immediate, intuitive and above all guarantee an attractive graphic interface.

Simple: if the functioning of an application is simple then it is possible to encourage the purchase process even to a slightly more complex clientele. Usually, if your target customers are of medium or medium-high age, simplicity is a must.

Usable: the App for your store must be available at all times, everywhere and freely, without too many obstacles. We can see the usability as a set of features previously exposed.

Safe: it is mandatory to offer the customer security and protection in transactions.

Satisfactory: the customer, once the purchase is completed and the payment is made, must be satisfied with his experience.

We talk about User Experience (UX): that of an eCommerce application must be undoubtedly high.

There are different store platforms to choose, in this post we talked about which one to choose: in this post we talked about which one to choose

We at Onectus are characterized by a service that perfectly follows the customer's requests, even in the creation and development of an App dedicated to your store as well as the User experience design. Compatibility with the most popular platforms, mostly magento with VENIA and Prestashop, is guaranteed. We have already launched applications that can demonstrate their perfect integration with software of various kinds. An e-commerce App designed by us in a customized way can meet all business requirements and represent a complete solution for your business, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness and management, regardless of the operating system, be it Android or Apple. The integration between the app and Prestashop (or similar) is done with simplicity and immediacy, without compromising the use of the App.


The advantage of a customized application for e-commerce consists in being able to adapt from the beginning to the reference sector, without conditioning due to the type of business. Undoubtedly this is an advantage for the company as it relates to both the needs that arise and the market trends. The right balance creates a positive buying experience for the customer, a necessary condition to stimulate future purchases.

Let's build something great together!

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